1 15 minutes

  • Go to page 60 in the student’s book.
  • Read the article and the letter.
  • Find two words that you don’t know, look them up and complete this form.

2 10 minutes

3 5 minutes

Page 61
  • Look at the examples in a and discuss the questions in b with the persons next to you.
  • Complete the rule
  • Do exercise d. (We’ll check that.)

4 5 minutes

  • Look at e, discuss with your partners and complete the rule.
  • Do exercise f. (We’ll check that.)
  • 5 10 minutes

    Exercise g. Work in pairs.
    Write your sentences in this form (CDE), this form (ABF).Remember you have to use too many/much andnot enough.

    6 5 minutes

    Page 62-
    Do exercise a, b and c. Use a dictionary if necessary.