Idioms with parts of the body: nose, brain, hand, eye, leg, tongue, headfoot
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Exersise Told-Said-Advised-Warned-Suggested-Asked-Offered-Ordered
Exersise admitted-begged-reminded-ordered-advised-complained
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subservience: something that is useful in reaching an end or carrying out a plan
gash: a long deep cut.
glossy: smooth and shiny
stark: severely simple
feisty: strong and determined
at face value: to believe that sth. is what it appears to be.
think out: consider carefully
burning: very strong, extreme
pay off: to effect profit
uncanny: strange and difficult to explain
trend: general direction in which a situation is changing or developing
trashy: of poor quality
bangle: a piece of jewellery worn loosely aground the wrist
glitzy: ostentatious showiness
entranced: to make sb. feel great pleasure or admiration
moll: the female friend of a criminal
bob: hair cut the same length all the way around
persona: the role that one assumes or displays in public or society; one's public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self.


Idioms with parts of the body

down (one's) nose Informal
With disapproval, contempt, or arrogance: Year-round residents here look down their noses at the summer people.
on the nose
Exactly; precisely: predicted the final score on the nose.
under (someone's) nose
In plain view: The keys are right under your nose.

beat (one's) brains (out)
Informal To exert or expend great mental effort: She beat her brains out during the examination.
on the brain
Obsessively in mind: The coach has winning on the brain.
pick (someone's) brain/brains
To explore another's ideas through questioning.
rack (one's) brain Informal
To think long and hard: I racked my brain for hours trying to recall her name.

at hand
1. Close by; near.
2. Soon in time; imminent: Retribution is at hand.
at the hand/hands of
By or through the agency of: favors he received at the hands of his uncle.
by hand
By using the hands; manually.
get/lay (one's) hands on
To get possessioon of; acquire or obtain.
hand and foot
With concerted, never-ending effort: had to wait on them hand and foot.
hand in/and glove
On intimate terms or in close association: "The folklore of American academia says that publishing and teaching go hand in glove" Edward B. Fiske.
hand in hand
In cooperation; jointly.
hand it to Informal
To give credit to: You've got to hand it to her; she knows what she's doing.
hand over fist
At a tremendous rate: made money hand over fist.
hands down
1. With no trouble; easily.
2. Indisputably; unquestionably.
in hand
1. In one's possession: arrived with the contract in hand.
2. Under control: kept the tense situation in hand.
3. Under consideration: gave her attention to the matter in hand.
4. In preparation or process: With the work finally in hand, we began to see progress.
5. Sports Remaining to be played by one team but not by another: Their team is ahead in the standings, but our team has two games in hand.
off (one's) hands
No longer under one's jurisdiction, within one's responsibility, or in one's care: We finally got that project off our hands.
on hand
1. Present; available: Are there enough people on hand to hold a meeting?
2. About to happen; imminent; What is on hand for this evening?
on/upon (one's) hands
In one's possession, often as an imposed responsibility or burden: Now they have the grandchildren on their hands.
on the one hand
As one point of view; from one standpoint.
on the other hand
As another point of view; from another standpoint.
out of hand
1. Out of control: Employee absenteeism has gotten out of hand.
2. At once; immediately.
3. Over and done with; finished.
4. Uncalled for or improper; indiscreet.

all eyes
Fully attentive.
an eye for an eye
Punishment in which an offender suffers what the victim has suffered.
clap/lay/set (one's) eyes on
To look at.
eye to eye
In agreement: We're eye to eye on all the vital issues.
have eyes for
To be interested in.
have (one's) eye on
1. To look at, especially attentively or continuously.
2. To have as one's objective.
in the eye of the wind Nautical
In a direction opposite that of the wind; close to the wind.
in the public eye
1. Frequently seen in public or in the media.
2. Widely publicized; well-known.
my eye Slang
In no way; not at all. Used interjectionally.
with an eye to
With a view to: redecorated the room with an eye to its future use as a nursery.
with (one's) eyes closed
Unaware of the risks involved.
with (one's) eyes open
Aware of the risks involved.

a leg to stand on Slang
A justifiable or logical basis for defense; support: He doesn't have a leg to stand on in this debate.
a leg up Slang
1. The act or an instance of assisting; a boost.
2. A position of advantage; an edge: We have a leg up on the competition.
on (one's) last legs
At the end of one's strength or resources; ready to collapse, fail, or die.

hold (one's) tongue
To be or keep silent.
lose (one's) tongue
To lose the capacity to speak, as from shock.
on the tip of (one's) tongue
On the verge of being recalled or expressed.
have/speak with a forked tongue
To speak deceitfully; prevaricate or lie.

have a big/swelled head
To be overly self-confident or conceited.
head and shoulders above
Far superior to: head and shoulders above her colleagues in analytical capability.
head over heels
1. Rolling, as in a somersault: tripped and fell head over heels.
2. Completely; hopelessly: head over heels in love.
keep (one's) head
To remain calm; remain in control of oneself.
lose (one's) head
To lose one's poise or self-control.
off/out of (one's) head
Insane; crazy.
on (one's) head
As one's responsibility or fault: If this project fails, it's on your head.
over (one's) head
1. Beyond one's comprehension.
2. Beyond one's financial means.
put heads together
To consult and plan together: Let's put our heads together and solve this problem.

at (someone's) feet
Enchanted or fascinated by another.
best foot forward
A favorable initial impression: He always has his best foot forward when speaking to his constituents. Put your best foot forward during an employment interview.
feet of clay
An underlying weakness or fault: "They discovered to their vast discomfiture that their idol had feet of clay, after placing him upon a pedestal" James Joyce.
foot in the door Slang
1. An initial point of or opportunity for entry.
2. A first step in working toward a goal.
get (one's) feet wet
To start a new activity or job.
have one foot in the grave Informal
To be on the verge of death, as from illness or severe trauma.
have (one's) feet on the ground
To be sensible and practical about one's situation.
on (one's) feet
1. Standing up: The crowd was on its feet for the last ten seconds.
2. Fully recovered, as after an illness or convalescence: The patient is on her feet again.
3. In a sound or stable operating condition: put the business back on its feet after years of mismanagement.
4. In an impromptu situation; extemporaneously: "Politicians provide easy targets for grammatical nitpickers because they have to think on their feet" Springfield MA Morning Union.
on the right foot
In an auspicious manner: The project started off on the right foot but soon ran into difficulties.
on the wrong foot
In an inauspicious manner: The project started off on the wrong foot.