Cow Parsley

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First of all, go here and try this test. If you score less than 7, do it again.
Try this one too.

20 minutes
Imagine an awful city to live.
Look for your presentation in the English in Mind folder in our shared google docs.
  • Make sentences to describe the city. Use too much, too many and not enough. If you don't remember the rules, revise them with your group.
  • Use photos to illustrate each sentence. Search pics here. ONLY here. And don't forget to paste the link.
  • When you have finished, check the language.

5 minutes
Publish the presentation and copy the embed code.
Create an article HERE. Choose the category "English in Mind 2". (Only one article)
Cllick on "Fuente HTML" and paste the code.
10 minutes
Visit the boys/girls article and write a comment. In your comment write a prediction about the future of the city. Your prediction must be related to the content in the presentation.
Finally, don't forget to bookmark and tag your article on Diigo.