Natural disasters

What to do

  1. Find 2 real examples. One has to be recent and the other very old.
  2. Describe the disasters briefly (50 words) Use your own words. Don’t copy and paste.
  3. Add some media. (videos and photos)
  4. Make a list of at least 10 words related to that kind of disaster. (Write the definitions in English)
  5. Write down 3 questions that you would ask to someone who has lived that disaster.


  • Open a google doc to collect the material and discuss.
  • Use a google spreadsheet to write down the vocabulary.
  • Use a google presentation to finish your work.
  • Title, example: VolcanoABF
  • Move everything to the folder Disasters>Volcanoes, etc
  • Remember to include the sources: the exact url you got the information from.