Class plan (Under construction)

Mad tea party

Mad TwitPoem

Collaborative writing:

Watch the movie while you write
Get inspired, you'll be bright!
Use the hashtags, don't forget
Otherwise, I'll be upset!

Links you'll need:!/ORTFirstYear
Username: ORTFirstyear
Password: Our secret one.

You can also use your own personal account. I that case, I suggest you publish a tweet to let your followers know you're doing schoolwork. Otherwise, they'll think you're mad.

(If you're using your personal account, you don't need to use the name hashtag.)

Individual writing

Six of your best lines. Just go and choose
Edit them. Just call your muse!
Give it a title. Just one word
And don't worry if it sounds absurd.

Links you'll need:
Choose images to illustrate your poem here here. Only here. Get the link to give credit to the image.

Password: Our secret one.

Extra: If you want to find words which rhyme go hereor here.

A shared account is provided. (Students who want to use their own are allowed to.)!/ORTFirstYear
Hashtags #abfmtp

10' 20 slides images + phrases and words from The mad tea party