A Family Supper by Kazuo Ishiguro

1. Why is fugu so dangerous?
2. What was the cause of the death of the writer’s mother? Where was he? What was his relationship with his family like at that moment? When and in which circumstances did he get to know the details of his mother’s death?
3. What kind of person was his father? Describe him physically.
4. What was their conversation like? What did this show about their relationship?
5. What happened to his father’s company? What about his partner?
6. Why does his father want to retire? What does this tell us about his opinions and personality?
7. What do you imagine happened between the writer and his parents in the past? What were their opinions about that now that they met again?
8. What did the writer remember as he talked to his father?
9. Describe the attitude of the three characters when the sister arrived.
10. How did his sister change when the father left?
11. What factual information did the sister provide? What does this tell about her personality?
12. What did they remember about their childhood? What does this tell us about their mother?
13. What do we get to know about their father’s partner?
14. What did the writer notice as they looked around the house?
15. How did the father spend his time now that he was alone? What about the past?
16. In spite of having said he was ready to forget the past, did he seem to have forgotten it?
17. What did he say about the war? What war do you think it was?
18. What caught the writer’s attention as they were eating? Why was this strange?
19. What did they eat?
20. What did the writer mean when he asked if it was a mistake? What was his father’s answer?
21. What kind of fish had they eaten?